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Maxheath Pastoral was established in 1999 operating from a 600 acre irrigation and dry land property at Bony Mountain, Queensland. We offer a diverse range of multi-faceted specialised services for the agricultural sector.

Hay Contracting/Cartage:
  • Mowing, Conditioning and Baling of Hay with cartage to your preferred location.
Grain/Silage Suppliers:
  • Grow & Supply Barley and Corn Crops on a two per year rotation
  • Grow & Supply and additional summer crop of Mung Beans
  • Crop sourcing for clients and arranging supply agreements with buyers.
  • Assist clients with crop management, planting rates and advise when crop is at optimal nutritional stage for harvest.

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538 Pratten Hendon Road, Bony Mountain QLD

Alan 0412 275 648

David 0427 674 816