Services of Max Health Silage Contractors NSW
  • Complete Forage Harvesting using current model Claas Forage Harvester with Claas Pick up Front, 6m Claas Corn Front and 7.5m Direct Cut Honey Bee Front
  • Swathing/Windrowing of Crops
  • Roll/Compact Silage into Silage Bunker using New Holland T7-270 Tractor with buck rack/blade
  • Bulk Haulage of Silage “From Paddock to Pit” using Floatation Tyres for Wet Weather conditions reducing the impact on your paddock
  • Sub-Contracting of Bulk Haulage Silage
  • Provide wide load transportation for agricultural equipment with 45' Drop Deck Widener out to 3.5 metres
  • Assist Clients with Pit Design
  • Supply Plastic and Inoculant for Silage Pit
  • Crop Sourcing for Clients and arranging supply agreements with buyers
  • Assist Clients with Crop Management, planting rates and advise when crop is at optimal nutritional stage for harvest
  • Assist Clients with Feed out advice

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