Maxheath Silage are bulk fine chop silage specialists with over 20 years’ experience in the silage industry.

Silage is becoming even more essential for long-term feeding options and storage of quality feed for the cattle, dairy, goat, and sheep industries. As silage producers and farmers, we understand the cost and need to maximise your crops’ nutritional value by harvesting at the correct time.

With Silage, you can drought-proof your property by storing feed in the good seasons. If you have failed crops you can utilise your failed crop and make silage instead of having a total loss.

At Maxheath Silage we offer the complete silage package “From Paddock to Pit” together with advice on storage and feed out methods.

Our Services/Equipment Include:

• Complete Forage Harvesting using 2 x current model Claas Forage Harvester with Claas Pick up Front, 6m Claas Corn
Front, and 7.5m Direct Cut HoneyBee Front, 2x Dominoni 6m Disc Fronts
• Swathing/Windrowing of Crops
• Roll/Compact Silage into Silage Bunker using New Holland T7-270 Tractor and New Holland W170D Loader with silage buck rakes
• Bulk Haulage of Silage “From Paddock to Pit” using Floatation Tyres for Wet Weather conditions reducing the impact on your paddock
• Sub-Contracting of Bulk Haulage Silage
• Provide wide load transportation for agricultural equipment with 45’ Drop Deck Widener out to 3.5 metres
• Assist Clients with Pit Design
• Supply Plastic and Inoculant for Silage Pit
• Crop Sourcing for Clients and arranging supply agreements with buyers
• Assist Clients with Crop Management, planting rates, and advise when crop is at optimal nutritional stage for harvest
• Assist Clients with Feed out advice